Vaccinations for a Healthy Family

WIC encourages families to stay up to date on vaccinations. We check in regularly with WIC families about their child’s immunization status, provide resources from credible sources, and empower parents to talk to their doctors.

WIC follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) vaccine recommendations for all populations that it serves. Learn more here about recommended vaccines per age group for children.

The CDC’s easy-to-read vaccine chart can help you learn what vaccines are recommended for each age and why each are important for keeping your child healthy.

Have questions about your child’s immunizations? Talk to your child’s pediatrician. Scheduling and attending well-child appointments at the recommended times can ensure your child’s immunizations stay up to date.

Planning to have a baby soon? Check out the CDC’s recommendations about vaccines before, during and after pregnancy.

Thinking about getting the COVID-19 vaccine? WIC recommends following the CDC’s advice that states all pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding individuals be vaccinated against COVID-19. WIC encourages you to talk to your doctor about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, although a discussion with your healthcare provider is not required to get vaccinated.

Find free or low-cost immunizations near you!
Immunizations – Free & Low Cost (LA County)
Immunizations – Free & Low Cost (Orange County)
Immunizations – Low Cost (San Bernardino County)

California WIC Association Conference 2021

Our greatest asset is our staff. They provide our WIC families with high quality nutrition counseling, breastfeeding support, referrals, and food benefits each and every day. This year, for the second time, all PHFE WIC staff attended the California WIC Association (CWA) virtual conference to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

The CWA virtual conference, Resilience: Supporting and Strengthening California Families, was held May 3rd through May 7th, 2021. It was full of insightful and applicable information delivered by incredible speakers.

Staff learned about topics including:

  • Health equity
  • Lasting habits
  • The safe introduction of meat to babies
  • The connection of culture, trauma, and breastfeeding
  • Leadership and emotional resiliency
  • Perinatal mental health
  • And more!

We are excited to continue to connect with families remotely and apply the knowledge that we gained at the conference to better support and strengthen all WIC families!

Read about staff’s favorite parts of the conference:

“It was a great pleasure to attend CWA’s virtual conference this year!  There couldn’t be a more perfect word than “Resilience” for this year’s theme given the events that have taken place over the last year.  I learned so much that could be applied not only to my career as a WIC Nutritionist, but also in my own personal life.  From learning about leadership and emotional resiliency to learning about how culture, trauma and breastfeeding are connected; CWA covered a wide range of topics and the speakers did a fantastic job at presenting these topics with obvious passion and keeping their virtual audience engaged.” – Fabiola Anguiano (WIC Nutritionist)

Happy Mother’s Day

Moms hold a very special place in our hearts at WIC. They are on our staff, our participants, our leaders, and our partners in the community. Moms are a source of so much love, support, insight, strength, and inspiration for the WIC family.

We wish you the happiest Mother’s Day! WIC celebrates the nurturers and caregivers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and guardians of our children.

Dad’s Chat April 2021

Calling all WIC Men and Dads! PHFE WIC is proud to have hosted its first virtual Dad’s chat event on April 22, 2021. Fathers from California to Texas joined and discussed the challenges they have experienced as father during the COVID pandemic. Challenges discussed ranged from social struggles to comfort food struggle. Fathers shared their approach for the day-to-day challenges that arouse from the pandemic. The event provided the positive reinforcement that fathers are not alone and through power of communication, can overcome the daily obstacles.

fathers awareness day at 117th St. WIC

“This was great! Greatly appreciate this event being put together for us and I look forward to the next event!”- Dad’s chat attendee. 

With the first virtual Dad’s chat event successfully in the books, we welcome you to text “Dadchats” to receive notifications and reminders of future Dads Chat events. This is event is open to all fathers and soon-to-be fathers. A special thanks to Ruben Lopez, RDN for hosting an amazing Dad’s chat for our fathers!