NEW! Online Education

We are excited to announce that PHFE WIC participants can now complete their nutrition education online at, a patented, online behavior change system designed to meet the nutrition education needs of our WIC families.

We encourage you to use additional tools available on including Health eKitchen; fun, interactive lessons; and articles about nutrition and health topics that are relevant to families with growing children.

Health eKitchen

A collection of kid-approved, parent-tested healthy recipes for your family using WIC foods as ingredients.

Nutrition and Health Lessons

Learn more about introducing solids to your infant, teaching your baby to use a cup, dental health, and so much more. Develop new skills that will keep your family happy and healthy.

Create Your Account

There are several pieces of information you will need to make your WIChealth account:

  1. Agency – “PHFE”
  2. Clinic – select the WIC office you used to go to/ closest to your home
  3. Family ID number – log in to with your WIC card number. Once you are logged in, you will receive your 9 digit Family ID number and you will be redirected to

Trouble logging in? Need assistance? Text “Need Fam ID + your first/last name and date of birth” to 91997