Show Your Support for WIC Online Shopping

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is proposing a rule to improve how families shop for their WIC foods. Currently, WIC families must shop for their food benefits at a WIC-authorized store, and payments must be made in person. The proposed rule aims to improve the WIC shopping experience by removing barriers to online shopping and modernizing food delivery.

What changes to shopping for WIC foods would we see?

  • WIC participants would be able to shop for their food benefits online.
  • Shopping for WIC foods would no longer be limited to in-person, and families can shop for their food benefits online.
  • Vendors would be allowed to return benefits to a participant's balance and families would have more time to use any returned benefits
  • WIC shoppers would be able to use a different form of payment to pay for additional groceries or online shopping fees.
  • Adding WIC benefits to a card remotely would be a permanent allowance.
  • WIC shoppers would be allowed to make multiple transactions for one delivery.
  • State agencies would be able to ship supplemental foods to a location designated by the WIC participant.
  • Application and agreement periods for vendors would be extended, allowing them to accept WIC for longer periods.

When can families start shopping for their WIC foods online?

Being able to shop for WIC foods online would not happen immediately. The commenting period for USDA’s proposed WIC online shopping rule is open until May 24, 2023. The USDA will review all comments before making a final ruling.

A message to WIC participants & community partners

Comment on USDA’s proposed WIC online ordering and transactions rule to show your support for these changes.

The commenting period is now open through May 24, 2023.