WIC is NOT Considered a Part of Public Charge

Immigrants can now access WIC, health care, food and housing support, and many more public benefits without fear of immigration consequences.

View California’s updated Public Charge Guide, available in the following languages:

Please help spread the word that the following programs are safe to use and do not affect immigration status for people currently in the US:

  • School Breakfast & Lunch Programs
  • Head Start
  • CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program)
  • WIC
  • Medi-Cal (For children under 21 years old, pregnant women, and for 60 days postpartum)

Please call (888) 942-2229 if you have questions about WIC.

“To the communities affected by this final rule, let me be clear: WIC’s clinic doors remain open. The final rule does not impose barriers on families for accessing WIC, or women from accessing Medicaid when they are pregnant or for 60 days after delivery. The final rule does not penalize families if their U.S.-citizen child is accessing benefits. We stand at your side, forever committed to our mission of delivering quality nutrition services and breastfeeding support for all families.”

Rev. Douglas Greenaway, President and CEO of the National WIC Association (NWA), in response to the public charge ruling on August 12, 2019.