WIC Families Buy More With the WIC Bump

WIC families receive a cash value (CVB) for fruits and vegetables as part of their WIC food package each month. Since June 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved an increase to the amount families receive for pregnant and postpartum parents and children over the age of one – the “WIC Bump.”

Average number of different fruit and vegetable types redeemed by CVB amount

A recent study by PHFE WIC’s Research Team showed that the CVB increase resulted in a larger variety and amount of fruits and vegetables redeemed. The current increased fruits and vegetables benefit is approved through September 2023.

Families can shop for fresh, dried, canned, and frozen fruits and vegetables in any brand, type, or combination, including organic with their WIC benefits.

Read the full data brief on the study completed by PHFE WIC’s Research Team here.