National WIC Association Conference 2021

The National WIC Association (NWA) held its annual conference virtually on June 15-17th, 2021. This conference aimed to engage with its 1,500+ attendees, connect on WIC-related topics, and inspire attendees to strengthen their communities. The conference incorporated diversity and inclusion throughout the sessions and emphasized equitable access to nutritious foods and breastfeeding support to all WIC families.

PHFE WIC directors attended the conference to expand their professional skills and knowledge base about nutrition, breastfeeding, leadership, and much more to help PHFE WIC better serve its families.

Read about the PHFE WIC directors’ conference highlights and memorable quotes below!

Big highlight for me is that staff from USDA shared that the 2017 WIC Food Package recommendations have now started through the regulatory process, hooray! We can expect to see proposed changes posted in the Federal Register by the end of 2021 so that all of us can make our public comments so let’s get ready to do that!  While this does not mean we’ll have a revised food package this year, it’s wonderful to hear we are now on the road to changes ahead and increased choices for our WIC participants.

Highlight from Shannon Whaley, PhD, Deputy Director of Research and Evaluation

I really enjoyed attending the 2021 NWA Conference!  I especially loved the session called “FNS Tools and Resources,” and I was happy to hear that the new USDA BF Curricula training is ready and should be coming out to Local Agencies soon!  This new platform with the tiered learning levels will give us new tools to train staff on breastfeeding in creative and fun ways!

Highlight from Cindy Clapp, MS, RDN, IBCLC, Deputy Director of Breastfeeding Services

What do leaders look like?  You cannot find a leader by their title or even the letters by their name; you find a leader among their team because they live the mission.  Leaders see the value in setting and reaching goals but also understand there is no win unless every team member crosses the finish line.

Memorable quote by Margaret Page Saunders, MS, RDN, LDN at CEDA WIC Program shared by Anne Kennedy, MS, RDN, CLE, Deputy Director of Client Services