CinnaMoms celebrates Black History Month at St. Andrews Place WIC

PHFE WIC and CinnaMoms recognizes that providing safe cultural spaces to promote equity for Black women can create healthy conversations across the life course. The CinnaMoms brand provides a platform to share and support breastfeeding, parenting, and health equity for the Black family. With the help of our partners, CinnaMoms staff were excited to partner with St. Andrews Place WIC to celebrate Black History Month 2020!

The staff did an amazing job with décor, planning and execution under the leadership of Supervisor, Alejandra and Eddie. Shout-out to staff members, Daisy and Liz for your “Diva of Black History Month” design, and kudos to the entire staff at St. Andrews Place WIC for a job well done.

Eddie and Rodasha were MC’s who set the stage for the event. Beautiful CinnaMoms tote bags were given to participants upon arrival. Families visited several community partners including Dental, Welcome Baby, Black Infant Health, HealthNet, and L.A. Care. Attendees enjoyed a fun breastfeeding game, led by Wanda. Families expressed their 2020 goals via a thought-provoking “vision board” session led by Sharen. Administrative staff, Kiran, Morgan, Valerie, Pina, and Tonce presented the awards to honorees and partners. Belen and our videographer, Jeremy, took amazing photos and audio interviews of participants and honorees. The event was catered by a community partner and the desserts were curated by St. Andrews Place WIC staff.

Awards were granted to individuals in the following categories:

CinnaMoms Advocacy Award – Glenisha Cargin

CinnaMoms Breastfeeding Achievement Award – Ashly Coleman

CinnaMoms Breastfeeding Recognition Award – Vashti Stoner

Janice Payne Peer Counselor Award – Princess Rhonda Clayton & Jessica V. Estrada

CinnaMoms Maternal Health Pioneer – Josephine Easter

Congratulations to all the honorees!

Special thanks to the planning committee members: Valerie Bradford,  Rodasha Scott, Judith Rangel, Kelly Bennett, Belen Rediet, Pina Hernandez, Veronica Ramos-Castruita, Claudia Merida-Bustillos, Ilanna J. Trayber, Wanda Kenlow, Morgan Ervin, Alejandra Flores, Sharon Anthony, and Toncé Jackson.

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