What To Do if Your WIC Card is Not Working

Some WIC families are reporting problems shopping with their WIC cards. These problems are related to card errors at a store checkout and zero food balances in the CA WIC App.

If your WIC card is working, continue to shop for your WIC foods as you normally would.

If you have recently experienced difficulties shopping for your WIC benefits, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

What Should I Do If I See a ‘Card Error’ Message?

Call Shopper Support, Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, at 1-800-852-5770 to make a report as soon as possible. You will need the following information to make a report:

  • Your WIC card number
  • The store location
  • Approximate day and time of store visit
  • Details of what happened

Why Is My Food Balance Zero? I had benefits yesterday.

If you are within your current benefit period, and you had benefits earlier this month but your food balance is now zero and you did not go shopping, this is an error in the system. Please text 91997 for assistance.