New Research: Increased WIC Cash Value Benefit Positively Impacts WIC Participants

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the USDA approved an increase to the Cash Value Benefit (CVB) for purchase of fruits and vegetables for WIC participants. A recent study by the PHFE WIC Research Team finds that participants were highly satisfied and reported increased purchase and consumption of fruits and vegetables.

With the CVB increase, participants reported improved quality and variety of fruits and vegetables purchased.

I thought (the CVB increase) was amazing, because we eat more FV since there’s
been an increase. (Before the increase) we were eating more processed food and I
do not think that my daughter was getting adequate nutrition from eating those
types of foods and she’s a picky eater too. So now that I am cooking vegetables
with every dinner and we’re snacking on FV throughout the day

-WIC Participant

It (CVB increase) was super good because we managed to buy more variety of FV
and are able to make a salad or make other FV for the children

-WIC Participant

This increase is temporary and currently set to end September 30, 2022. These findings support maintaining the increased CVB in the WIC food package permanently.

Read the full study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health here.