Lost WIC Card? We can help!

We care about your experience shopping for food with your WIC benefits. If you need to replace a lost WIC card, or your WIC card isn’t working, we are here to help! Learn how to get a WIC card replacement, report an issue with a grocery store, and learn more solutions to common problems with spending WIC benefits.

Solutions to Commonly Reported WIC Shopping Issues

My WIC card is not swiping at checkout

WIC card

If your WIC card did not work at the grocery store, there are a few reasons why this could happen. Before you use your WIC card the first time, set up your PIN by calling 1-844-469-3264. Make sure it’s something you can remember. You’ll use this PIN every time you use your WIC card.

When checking out at the store, if a PIN is entered incorrectly three times, the card will lock. It will automatically unlock at midnight. If you forgot your PIN, call 1-844-469-3264 to reset it.

It is also important that the cashier knows that you plan to use your WIC card. Tell the cashier right away that you will be using your WIC card, and put your WIC foods down before any other foods. If your card has problems swiping, this may mean that the card has become demagnetized. Contact us for a replacement, and we will mail you a new card.

The cashier said my foods were not WIC-approved

Use the WIC Food Scan button in your WIC App to verify that a food is WIC-approved and available with your benefits. If it is, ask to speak to the grocery store manager. The grocery store may need to update its database with that food.

If the manager is unable to resolve the issue, please call Shopper Support at 1-800-852-5770 to make a report. Have the following information ready:

  • The store location
  • The approximate day and time of visit
  • Product description (brand and size)
  • Any other details ready.

If you are reporting a food that was in stock but you were unable to purchase it with your WIC benefits, please take a picture of the label, ingredients, and barcode.

I lost or misplaced my WIC Card

We are happy to replace your WIC card for any reason. If your card was lost, stolen, or misplaced, let us know right away so we can freeze your account and prevent anyone else from spending your benefits. Requesting a new card is easy. Fill out the WIC Card Replacement Form and we will let you know when a new card is on the way.

I forgot to buy my WIC foods before the last day

Check the California WIC app for your benefit start and end dates.

I can’t make it to the store before my benefits expire

At this time, online grocery shopping and delivery apps do not accept the WIC card as payment. However, you can give your WIC card to a trusted family member to shop for your WIC foods for you.

I’m going out of town

Grocery stores all over California accept the WIC card, so you can use it when you travel anywhere else in the state! Check the California WIC app for other WIC grocers near you. Many WIC items are shelf-stable. Stock up during times you may not need them so you will have them on hand when you do need them.

The grocery store did not have WIC foods

Many grocery stores accept the WIC card. Check the California WIC app to see all the places you can shop with WIC benefits. If a grocery store that accepts the WIC card is out of stock of an approved food item, please contact us with the grocery store name, address, and food item you wanted to purchase, so our WIC vendor liaisons can investigate.

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