WIC Supports the Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids Act

Show your support for WIC families by urging Congress to reauthorize and expand services through the Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids Act. This bill aims to improve and widen access to child nutrition programs, such as WIC and the National School Lunch Program, to millions of children across the United States. Read more about the act HERE.

How would this bill benefit WIC participants? Improvements to WIC programs include:

  • WIC eligibility for children up to six years old or on the day they begin kindergarten
  • WIC eligibility for postpartum women extended to two years
  • Allows for one certification appointment for multiple children
  • Automatic certification of infants born to pregnant participants
  • Expansion of certification period to two years
  • Expansion of breastfeeding and peer counseling services
  • Funds technology for the Peer Counselor program and fruit and vegetable purchases through the Farmers’ Market Nutritional Program (FMNP)
  • …And much more!

Make your voice heard! Tell Congress to support the #HealthyMealsHealthyKidsAct.