WIC is More Convenient Than Ever

The beginning of the pandemic sparked a series of changes in WIC services that have helped make the program safer and easier to access. Busy families can choose the appointment method that works best for them, connect with nutrition counselors, and quickly receive healthy foods.

Sign up for WIC today

If you are pregnant or have a child under age 5, please apply for WIC onlineWe will contact you to confirm your eligibility and complete your enrollment. In-person enrollments can be scheduled at a WIC office near you, and you will receive your food benefits the same day if you qualify. Enrollments can also be completed entirely by phone or video. You will receive your WIC benefits by mail within a few days if you qualify.

Attend appointments at home or at a WIC office near you

Many WIC appointments can be completed by phone, in-person, or online.

Throughout your pregnancy and your baby’s first year, you will have appointments with a WIC counselor every 1-3 months. After your baby turns 1, we will reassess their eligibility every year. If your family continues to qualify for WIC, you will have a minimum of four WIC appointments per year. Some appointments will be with a WIC counselor, and some will be classes.

Appointments with WIC counselors are by video, phone, or in-person. Class appointments are online or on Zoom. Let your WIC counselor know at your next contact if you have a preferred appointment method!

If you missed your appointment or need to reschedule, text 91997.

Read more about WIC appointment types

If you have a phone appointment, you will receive a text or call the day before your appointment with the information you will need. Please expect a call in the morning before 12 PM or afternoon before 5 PM on your appointment day.

In-person services are by appointment time only. Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment. If the door is locked, call the phone number on the door to let your WIC counselor know that you have arrived.

We will text you the link to join the video call on the day of your appointment. Simply click the link at the time of your appointment.

For online class appointments, go to wichealth.org on or near your appointment date to take one or more lessons. If it is your first time visiting wichealth.org, please sign up. If you are a returning user, log in to complete a lesson. We will text you when your benefits have been added to your card and your next appointment is scheduled.

Two group classes are available each weekday. Check out the group class schedule to find the class time that works best for you and join from home or on the go. Whether you have a class appointment or not, we would love to see you in class!

Check your WIC Benefits on the WIC App

Your WIC benefits may have already been added to your card this month. Check your WIC food balance on the WIC app. Remember to shop for ALL of your foods before your benefit end date!

If you do not see benefits on your WIC food balance, or if you need to make a change, text 91997.

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