Black Maternal Health Week 2024

Every year, from April 11th to the 17th, we celebrate Black Maternal Health Week (BMHW). During this week, we come together to address the challenging issues that Black women face during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

This year’s theme “Our Bodies STILL Belong to Us: Reproductive Justice NOW!” aims to raise awareness of the increasing restrictions on abortion care access as well as the rise in criminalization due to pregnancy loss.

There are still significant racial disparities in maternal health outcomes, particularly affecting Black women. Regardless of income or education, Black mothers face significantly higher risks during childbirth. These challenges stem from deep-rooted issues, such as racism and bias within the healthcare system.

At PHFE WIC, we support Black Maternal Health by working alongside our sister program, CinnaMoms, which supports and creates a safe space and community for Black families to thrive. CinnaMoms hosts virtual and in-person support groups and special events every month.

Check out the events happening this month.

As we celebrate Black Maternal Health Week, remember that the fight for equity is far from over. It requires continuous commitment and action from policymakers, healthcare providers, advocates, and communities.

Check out the events happening this week and how you can get involved.