WIC Supports Parents Who Chestfeed

WIC is here for parents through every step of their infant feeding journey to educate, empower, and encourage parents to reach their feeding goals.

What is Chestfeeding?

Chestfeeding is when a child is fed human milk from a parent’s chest. It is a term used by many transgender and nonbinary parents who may not identify with the words breastfeeding or nursing. People who identify as female may also prefer the term chestfeeding.

What is the difference between Chestfeeding and Breastfeeding?

Physically, chestfeeding and breastfeeding are exactly the same. Lactating parents can choose the term they are most comfortable with.

How does WIC support people who chestfeed?

  • Chestfeeding parents qualify for WIC for up to one year after giving birth.
  • WIC educates, empowers, and encourages parents to reach their feeding goals.
  • Parents are asked how they identify their gender during enrollment.
  • Support groups are available for parents to connect with each other and share their experiences.
  • Certified Lactation Educators and Lactation Consultants are available to answer feeding questions.
  • Electric and manual pumps are provided to those who qualify and need help to reach their feeding goals.

WIC is committed to being part of parents’ support systems by providing free phone, video, and in-person services. Contact your local WIC office or text us at 91997.