Federal Government Shutdown and CalFresh Benefits

Early Issuance of February CalFresh Benefits

CalFresh is the name of California’s food assistance program which is funded through Federal SNAP funding.  Due to the federal government shutdown, most households that receive food assistance through the CalFresh Program received their February benefits early.

On the evening of January 14th, a special process was done to issue February CalFresh Benefits early to any family that had certified CalFresh eligibility for February.  Families that were included in the early issuance received their February CalFresh benefits on January 16th.

The best way for families to know if they received their February benefits early, is to check their EBT card balance for a January 15th issuance.  Families that receive an early issuance, need to be aware they have received their February CalFresh benefits and budget accordingly. They will not receive any additional CalFresh benefits in February.  If families have questions, they can contact their local DPSS office for additional information.

The CalFresh EBT System continues to operate, and local Department of Social Services offices will remain open.  For assistance and additional information, CalFresh customers should contact DPSS at (866) 613-3777

New CalFresh Applications will be accepted and processed as usual.  Apply today at www.GetCalFresh.org.

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