Thanks for the love! WIC scores 98% in satisfaction survey

PHFE WIC’s winter 2021 customer service survey asked the simple question, “How was your WIC appointment?” In response, thousands of WIC participants replied with heartwarming feedback, testimonials, and words of appreciation. 98% of survey respondents gave the top “great!” rating for their appointment.

Here’s what our participants said about their last appointment:

To all our participants:

Your feedback and experiences matter to us as we continue to strive to improve our services. It is our pleasure to walk alongside you through your pregnancies, watch your children grow, and cheer you on through this precious time of life.

Thank you for growing healthy with WIC! We can’t wait to talk to you again at your next WIC appointment.

Warm regards from all of us at PHFE WIC!

PS: We love to hear from you! If you’d like to share feedback about your WIC experience, leave a Yelp or Google review for your local WIC office, or contact us directly!