The State of WIC 2022

The State of WIC 2022 report summarizes WIC’s positive public health contributions across the nation in the past year and provides the framework to build upon the program’s longstanding success.

Report highlights

  • WIC services and foods have supported positive birth outcomes and child development that have resulted in millions of health care cost savings.
  • WIC adapted in 2021 to address the increased health needs of the nation by reducing barriers to WIC services with innovative solutions.
  • WIC aims to accelerate ongoing modernization efforts to provide accessible shopping experiences to WIC families.
  • Increased fruit and vegetable benefits improved 4.7 million WIC participants’ access to nutritious produce, provided an estimated economic contribution of $2.62 to $2.81 billion, and supported upwards of 25,000 food supply chain jobs.

WIC’s noteworthy accomplishments stretch far beyond WIC families to the community at large. Read the full State of WIC 2022 report to learn more about how WIC will continue to help build a healthier nation.

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