It’s an Egg-cellent Time to Shop With WIC

Egg prices are rising, but using your WIC benefits can make grocery shopping easier! There is an egg shortage due to the avian flu and higher costs to produce them. Even though prices are increasing, your WIC benefits stay the same each month. Every WIC participant over the age of one receives one dozen eggs, and fully breastfeeding parents receive two dozen eggs every month.

Check your WIC food balance regularly, and remember to shop for your foods before the benefits end date!

Where can I shop for eggs with my WIC benefits?

Stores that accept WIC will have a WIC logo on the front window. Use the WIC Grocers section in the California WIC App to see which stores near you accept WIC. If eggs are hard to find at large grocery stores, try shopping at smaller WIC-only stores.

What type of eggs can I buy with my WIC benefits?

Can Buy

  • Any brand of chicken eggs
  • Dozen-size carton
  • Large, white, cage-free

Cannot Buy

  • Any other size, type, or color of eggs
  • Powdered or liquid eggs
  • Specialty eggs such as organic, vitamin-enriched, pastured, low cholesterol, or DHA-enriched

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