WIC Safety Alert

Attention WIC and CalFresh participants!

Your safety is our priority. WIC staff will not go to your home and ask for your information. Please protect yourself from WIC Card and CalFresh EBT scams.

Guard your information! WIC staff will only ask for confidential information during WIC appointments. We will never ask for your PIN, or photos of your WIC card or EBT card number. 

Beware of scammers asking for a picture of your benefits card in exchange for a free phone. WIC is not associated with any free phone services. Learn how you can safely apply for a free or discounted phone with California LifeLine.

All WIC services are by phone, online, or provided at our offices. WIC staff will not visit your home or ask for your information at any time other than your WIC appointments.

Keep your PIN safe! Do not share your EBT card PIN with anyone, including store vendors.

Regularly check your WIC food balance. Text 91997 or call 1-844-4MY-FAMILY to report any missing benefits.

Text 91997 to report any suspicious WIC-related calls or interactions.