Four Farmers Markets in LA Accept the WIC Card

Families can now use their WIC Card at three local farmers markets in LA County! Shop for fresh produce at Culver City Farmers Market, La Cienega Farmers Market, and Echo Park Farmers Market.

Culver City and La Cienega Farmers Market

How to use your WIC Card:

  1. Go to the info booth to swipe your WIC card for the amount you want to spend
  2. Get paper scrips for the amount you asked to use
  3. Shop for fruits and vegetables from the vendors – all scrips must be used same day!

$10 Bonus

Spend at least $10 of your fruit and vegetable benefit to receive an additional $10 while supplies last.

Echo Park and Central Avenue Farmers Market

How to use your WIC Card:

  1. Visit the info booth to find out which vendors accept WIC cards
  2. Spend your benefits with those vendors

$10 Bonus

Bring your receipt back to the info booth to get an extra $10 to purchase fresh fruits and veggies while supplies last.

The WIC card and scrips can be used to shop for fruits and vegetables. They cannot be used to buy other WIC foods such as eggs or bread. Go to the info booth to swipe your WIC card and receive paper scrips you can use to shop at the farmers market. 

No! For Culver City Farmers Market and La Cienega Farmers Market, all scrips must be spent the same day they are given. Once you swipe your card for the amount you would like to use, it cannot be added back to your WIC card. 

The WIC Card is currently accepted at Culver City, La Cienega, Echo Park, and Crenshaw Farmers Markets only. You will not be able to shop at a different market in Los Angeles County using your WIC Card.