PHFE WIC Staff Awarded for Excellent Breastfeeding Promotion and Support

This August in honor of Breastfeeding Month, ten PHFE WIC staff members were honored for their dedication to providing outstanding breastfeeding education and support to WIC parents. During a virtual ceremony, each award recipient shared their thoughts on the importance of breastfeeding and the ways they personally helped parents overcome challenges and achieve their breastfeeding goals. Learn how these Breastfeeding Award recipients provide a nurturing environment for mothers.

Lactation Consultant Awardee

Jessica V. Estrada, IBCLC

Jessica believes in the importance of support and empathy when aiding mothers during their breastfeeding journeys.

Peer Counselor Awardee

Crystal Rodriguez

Crystal steps up for breastfeeding by engaging with mothers on a personal level and being available to support them whenever needed.

WIC Center Supervisor Awardees

Alaina Coffey, MS, RDN

Alaina and her team aim to address the reasons why mothers quit breastfeeding. Resources such as support circles, peer counseling, lactation consultants, and CinnaMoms support circles are used to help mothers make an informed choice on infant feeding.

Connie Yin, RD, IBCLC

Connie believes all families should have an equal opportunity to learn about and make an informed decision on breastfeeding. She and other staff members offer mothers hands-on support to help them succeed.

Cristian Mercado, RDN

Cristian emphasizes the importance of breastfeeding and early education during the first and second trimesters and shares resources offered by WIC.

Kimberly Martinez, MS, RDN

Kimberly and her team provide breastfeeding support to prenatal women by focusing on early guidance. Staff members support parents by listening to their concerns and creating a success plan that will guide them along their journeys.

WIC Center Staff Awardees

Ivette Perez, CLE

As a WIC employee of nearly 32 years, Ivette steps up for breastfeeding by using her own experiences to assist families. She breastfed her own child for three years and currently provides breastfeeding support for her daughter, who has a
1-year-old son.

Angelina Lopez

Angelina has been with WIC for 13 years. She helps mothers reach their breastfeeding goals by creating a safe space and being available to discuss their experiences and concerns.

Isabel Gutierrez

Isabel has worked as a health counselor at WIC for 38 years and has aided breastfeeding mothers for 20 years. She puts herself in their shoes when mothers share their challenges, provides an environment free of judgment, and helps them come up with breastfeeding solutions specific to their circumstances.

Natalie Truong-Nino, BS, CLE

Natalie draws from her own experiences when providing support to mothers, as she has gone through many challenges during her breastfeeding journey. She attributes her own breastfeeding success to WIC, her colleagues, and her family.

PHFE WIC Agency Winner

Ivette Perez, CLE

Congratulations to this year’s award nominees and winners! The compassion and dedication you show make you an invaluable part of the PHFE WIC team and our community!