Renewing Your WIC Account

Each year we will renew your child’s WIC account to confirm that they qualify for the WIC program.

During your appointment we will:

  • Reassess your household’s income, or your child’s Medi-Cal status
  • Complete a health and nutrition assessment for your child, and
  • Load more WIC benefits on to your WIC card

Need a new WIC card? Let your WIC counselor know during your appointment.

To reassess eligibility, please provide your household's proof of income. If your appointment is by phone, you will be texted a link to upload photos of your items on your appointment day.


  • Active Medi-Cal numbers
  • Paystub or statement from the last 30 days
  • Disability pay
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Social Security benefits
  • Other

If you do not have an income or Medi-Cal, tell your WIC counselor at your appointment.

If your child has a doctor's appointment coming up, please ask the doctor to fill out this form with your child's height, weight, and iron results to update our growth charts. If this information is not available, please keep your WIC appointment.