Get Ready for the WIC Card

The WIC card is coming soon! Here are some things you can do to get ready.

Download the WIC app.

Android phones: Google Play – California WIC App

iPhones: iPhone App Store- California WIC App

Watch the video.
The WIC Card Video will show you how to use your new WIC card at the store, how to check your WIC food balance, and more!
Go to and play “Your California WIC Card” video in the top left corner.

Think of a PIN.
Think of a 4 digit number that is easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess. You will need a 4 digit PIN to use your WIC card at the store.

Save these phone numbers.
WIC Card Support: 1-844-469-3264
WIC Program: 1-888-942-2229
If you lose your WIC Card or forget your PIN, call WIC Card Support for 24 hour help. Call the WIC program to change your appointment or ask other questions.

Allow more time for your WIC appointment.
We are learning and experiencing that it is really not just a little bit more time, but quite a bit and more like double the amount of time.

When Will You Get Your WIC Card?

PHFE WIC offices will begin issuing WIC Cards to participants at various times based on location.

Santa Ana, Orange County, Torrance AreaNovember 11, 2019
Downtown LA to Westside (West of I-5)December 2019
San Gabriel Valley to Eastside (East of I-5)January 2020
Before You Go Shopping

Your WIC Food Balance shows the foods and the amounts available to your family between specific dates. As you shop and use your WIC foods, your Food Balance will change. Be sure to shop for all of the foods in your WIC Food Balance within the allowed dates.

There are many ways to find your WIC Food Balance

  • Use the free WIC phone app on your smart phone
  • Get a printout at your WIC office.
  • Look at your store receipt from your last shopping trip.
  • Ask a cashier or customer service person at the store to print
    your WIC Food Balance.
  • Call the toll free number on the back of your WIC Card,
    1-844-4MY-FAMILY  or 1-844-469-3264.
  • Go online to
At the Store
  • Get just the WIC foods you need at each shopping trip.
  • Use your WIC Authorized Food List Shopping Guide, the free WIC phone app, and your WIC Food Balance to help you choose the right foods.
  • Separate your WIC foods from your non-WIC items as you shop to make checkout easier.
At the Checkout

Start your checkout

  • Separate your WIC foods from your non-WIC items.
    Some stores may need to scan your WIC items first.
  • Tell the cashier you are using your WIC Card.
  • Ask the cashier when to swipe your WIC Card and enter your PIN.
  • Always swipe your WIC Card first before using other forms of payment, such as CalFresh, debit card, or cash.
  • Pay close attention as the cashier scans each WIC item.

After the cashier scans all your items

  • Look over your WIC purchases and make sure all items are correct before your sale is totaled. The cashier may give you a receipt or show you a screen to review.
  • Confirm all your purchases are correct using the card machine.
    Any foods not available in your WIC Food Balance can be put back or bought using another form of payment.
  • Tell the cashier if you want to put something back before the cashier gives you the final receipt.
  • Give the cashier your store loyalty card and any coupons you have.
  • Pay for any non-WIC items using another form of payment.
  • Wait for the cashier to complete the sale and give you a final receipt. Save your receipt in a safe place, such as your wallet.
Reading Your Receipt
  • Your receipt lists the items you just bought.
  • Your receipt shows what you have left in your WIC Food Balance.
    All family benefits are combined.
  • The receipt shows the last day you can buy the rest of your WIC foods. Your WIC Food Balance will expire at midnight on that day.

WIC contact us call

When You Have Questions About WIC Authorized Foods
or Your WIC Card

  • Use the free WIC phone app (avialable soon).
  • Call 1-844-4MY-FAMILY or 1-844-468-3264
  • Contact PHFE WIC at 1-888-942-2229
  • Text your questions to 91997