How to Get Your WIC Card

You will receive your WIC card by mail. The WIC program provides monthly food benefits to purchase healthy foods at most grocery stores. Not everything at the grocery store is eligible for purchase with your WIC Card. If your WIC card is lost or damaged, contact us for a replacement.

Find a WIC Authorized Grocery Store

WIC stores and other grocery stores that sell WIC foods have a WIC logo in the front window. Look for the logo to know where to shop. In California, to find WIC authorized grocery stores near you, visit and click WIC Grocers. You can also search your zip code in the WIC Grocers section of the California WIC App.

Foods You Can Buy

The WIC food list includes vegetables and fruits, milk, eggs, beans, peanut butter, juice, cheese, yogurt, canned fish, baby food, infant WIC approved cereal, WIC baby formula, and whole grain foods like rice, bread, cereal, tortillas, and pasta. WIC food benefits are worth $50-$150 each month.

Your WIC eligible foods will vary based on your child’s age, medical needs, and your preferences. Soy milk, lactose-free milk, and other options are also available for your WIC items.

When shopping, use your WIC Authorized Food List Shopping Guide, the free WIC phone app, and your WIC Food Balance to help you choose the right foods.

Shopping Tips

  • Take your WIC card to the grocery store.
  • Look for the WIC logo on store shelves to help you easily find WIC foods, or scan the barcode of foods using the Food Scan feature in your WIC App.
  • Use your WIC benefits starting on the “first day to use” and no later than the “last day to use”.
  • Tell the cashier right away that you are using your WIC food benefits.
  • The WIC fruits and vegetables benefit has a maximum dollar value. If your purchase costs more than the amount of your benefits, you can pay the extra amount.
  • A trusted family member or friend can shop using your WIC card for you if you tell them the 4-digit PIN number associated with the card.

If you have problems at the grocery store, here are some actions you can take.

  • Ask to speak to the store manager.
  • If you are not satisfied, contact PHFE WIC at (888) 942-2229.
  • In California, contact the state WIC program at (800) 852-5770 or
  • Save your store receipt.
  • Report the following information:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Store name
    • Names of store staff involved
    • Details of the situation