What’s Happening With the WIC Fruit and Veggie Increase

Increased Benefits for WIC Families are extended through September 30, 2023

Since June 2021, WIC families have been receiving increased fruit and vegetable benefits – the “WIC benefit bump” because of temporary legislation (America Rescue Plan Act of 2021, Omnibus Agreement in March 2022, Continuing Resolution in September 2022, and the Omnibus Package in December 2022). Before the increase, the WIC food package included $9 for each child and $11 for each enrolled adult to spend on fruits and vegetables. WIC is now advocating to make the WIC benefit bump permanent.

Monthly Fruit & Vegetable Benefits:

$25 each month for children ages 1-4
$44 each month for pregnant and postpartum participants
$49 each month for breastfeeding and chestfeeding postpartum participants

We remain hopeful that Congress will make the increased fruit and vegetable benefits permanent. When that occurs, the additional benefits will be added to WIC cards and viewable on the CA WIC App, and WIC families will be notified about the additional benefits.

WIC Benefit Bump Frequently Asked Questions

Every month, WIC families receive a cash value for fruits and vegetables as part of their WIC food package. Each child and adult participating in WIC receives a cash value depending on their category listed above.

For example, if 1 breastfeeding parent and 3 eligible children are participating in WIC, the family will receive $124 ($49 + $25 + $25 + $25) each month with their WIC benefits for fruits and vegetables.

WIC benefits do NOT carry over from month to month. Remember to shop for all of your WIC foods before your benefit end date each month. You can find your benefit end date on the CA WIC App, at the top of the Food Balance screen.

Shop for fruits and vegetables using your WIC card at any stores that accept WIC in California. You can also shop at farmers' markets that accept the WIC card!

You can buy fresh, dried, canned, and frozen fruits and vegetables in any brand, type or combination, including organic options.

Tip! Buy canned and frozen fruits and vegetables to stock up.

A message to WIC participants & community partners

You can help encourage Congress to make this increase permanent by

  • Spending the full fruit and vegetable benefit each month
  • Sharing your photos and stories on social media using #ExtendtheWICBump
  • Submitting your comments using the button below. We want to know how this increase has impacted you.