Concerned about how getting WIC can affect you?

Worried about immigration or public charge issues?
Do not be afraid to apply for WIC and CalFresh


You can get WIC and CalFresh and still become a U.S. citizen.

What is Public Charge?
A public charge is a person who depends on long-term government support. If an immigrant is a public charge, he or she may not get legal status in the U.S.

Some things to know about WIC and CalFresh:
• You will NOT become a public charge because you are getting WIC and/or CalFresh.
• If you get WIC and CalFresh, it will NOT hurt your chances of getting a green card.
• You will NOT lose your green card because you are getting WIC and/or CalFresh.
• Applying for WIC and/or CalFresh will NOT affect your (or your family’s) immigration status.
• You will NOT be denied U.S. citizenship because you get WIC and/or CalFresh benefits.

Did you know?
• Public charge rules do not apply to programs like CalFresh, WIC and school lunch programs. See the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services official letter at
• Immigration information is private and will NOT be shared. WIC does not ask about immigration status.

• All children born in the U.S. can get CalFresh benefits if they qualify. It does not matter where their parents were born. WIC does not ask applicants about their place of birth.
• Even if sponsored non-citizens refuse CalFresh benefits, the rest of their household can still get benefits.

 California residency is required to participate in WIC, but WIC does not ask applicants about citizenship status. Non-citizens who are in the U.S. temporarily, such as those with a student visa, cannot get CalFresh.

For more information about CalFresh, visit or call 1-877-847-3663

For more information about immigration and public charge concerns, please click here.