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The Los Angeles County WIC Survey commenced in 2005 and is scheduled every three years. Surveys were completed in 2005, 2008 and 2011. The survey is conducted with a random sample of 5000 - 6000 Los angles County WIC families, with the purpose of gathering health and behavioral information that is not available in the WIC Administrative Data. These data sets are then used for guiding services and planning efforts for low income families.

Survey Instruments

 For a brief summary of topics covered in the survey, Click Here.

To view the full WIC survey instruments, click on the links below.

Survey 2011

Survey 2008

Survey 2005

 Survey Reports

A number of reports have been written using data from the 2005 and 2008 WIC surveys. They can all be access in the links below.

From Surveys 2005 and 2008

WIC Data 2003-2009: A Report on Low-Income Families with Young Children in Los Angeles County - Read Report

Latino Showing Higher Rate of Preschool Enrollment - Read Report

From Survey 2005:

WIC Report #1: Learning about Local Families in Need - Read Report

WIC Report #2: Breastfeeding Practices of WIC Participants - Read Report

WIC Report #3: Preventing Early Childhood Overweight - Read Report

WIC Report #4: The Health and Health Care Status of Low-Income Children - Read Report

WIC Report #5: Developmental Concerns in Early Childhood: The Important Role of Parents - Read Report

WIC Report #6: Maternal Depressive Symptoms and their Impact on Parenting - Read Report

WIC Report #7: Child Care and Preschool  Utilization - Read Report