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Overview of the Data Mining Project
The primary goal of the Data Mining Project is to provide comprehensive data about the low-income 0-5 population in Los Angeles County. PHFE WIC collaborates with the California State WIC Program and the six other Local Agency WIC Programs in Los Angeles County to collect and analyze WIC data. Funded by First 5 LA, the project examines WIC administrative data and administers periodic surveys of WIC families in order to examine and address the needs of the low-income community.
Los Angeles County WIC Administrative Data
California WIC operates a statewide WIC certification and benefits tracking system. As part of the operation of that system, WIC captures an array of demographic data on WIC participants. Some of these data are available in aggregate form, as shown in the interface below. For more information, click on the WIC Administrative Data link to the left. 
Generate a Trend Chart of LA County WIC Participants
Geo Value  
Trend Variable  

  1. For security reasons if a geography has fewer than 5 individuals for the variable chosen the value is not shown on the chart.
  2. The above data values represent only the individuals or families with an address which could be geocoded to determine where exactly they lived.
Los Angeles County WIC Survey Data
Every three years, a survey of a random sample of 5000-6000 WIC families in Los Angeles county provides additional data about the low-income young children (ages 0 to 5) and families enrolled in WIC. More information about these surveys, including the survey instruments and survey reports, are available by clicking on the WIC Survey Data Link to the left.

For more information or to ask questions about the data please email